Introduction Of CheekyBackpacker

Hey I’m Dan, some people call me Batman, The Lone Ranger or Mike Myers but it kind of depends on the situation in which we meet. You may know me as the guy who helped Arnold Schwarzenegger get better results from his chest workout or the guy who kicked Chuck Norris’s ass. From today though I will now be known as the CheekyBackpacker, I quit my job in 2014 to go travelling around the world to try and find my perfect home and do as many things on my bucket list as I possibly can, We create Bucket lists when we are close to death and often too close to do anything about it. I believe we should create these lists a lot sooner.

Along the way I will be working with the NorthWalesDragons charity to help raise as much awareness as possible. NorthWalesDragons are an organisation that uses football to try and raise money and awareness for selected charities. They pick a different charity to represent every year and spend that year organising different football events to raise money for the selected charity. I will be travelling to famous landmarks around the world to have my photo taken accompanied by our football shirt with the number 96 printed on the back as a show of respect to the families of the 96 who tragically lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster. This will all be showcased on their site so definitely check that out.

I will also volunteer, raise money and awareness for other charities and organizations I’m interested in as much as I possibly can.


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