Moscow, Russia


Moscow failed quite a bit for me compared to St Petersburg, but I was warned about this. Even though I was told Moscow wasnt as good as St Petersburg I still expected something a lot of beautiful palaces and monuments yet I only found one spot, However out of the things I did see they were brilliant, That spot was the Red Square which is rightly famous around the world.

Must Visit

    • The Red Square – Cost = Free (300 Rubles – £5.15 for Kremlin)

The Red Square is right up there with the best attractions I visited in Russia and consists of St Basils Cathedral and the Kremlin. Note there is an entrance fee of 300 Rubles – £5.15 to enter the Kremlin



  • Moscow Zoo – Cost – 300 Rubles = £5.15

Moscow Zoo was pretty awesome, and possibly my favourite attraction I visited in Moscow. I did get off to a bad start tho, Stupidly I bought 3 tickets (I was trying to get the woman to confirm if it was 300 Rubles a ticket) so after I bought 3 tickets and the woman refused to give my money back I turned on the charm and tried to sell my unwanted 2 tickets to the younger generation that walked past. Luckily I wasn’t trying too long and had sold my 2 tickets for the exact same price I bought them only 10 minutes later. I swaggered past the security guard (who had been watching me the whole time shaking his head) with the song Is It Cos I’m Cool – Mousse T playing in my head and on to see me some monkeys.

Hehe, look hes twerking


Before I arrived at Moscow Zoo I was a little anxious to see how well the animals were treated, There were a few animals mainly the polar bears that did not look healthy (The polar bear kept walking around in circles and rotating its neck, this did not look normal) but who am I to say if an animal is being mistreated or not plus I didn’t want to cause an uproar in Moscow (I’d take putin tho, just sayin)


I think the reason I liked Moscow Zoo so much is due to the the different animals on show that I had not seen before. Polar Bears, Snow Tiger’s and Bears wear all on show.


They also had the favourites


The Thug Life



  • Cathedral Of Christ The Saviour – Cost = Free


I wasn’t really expecting much from Cathedral Of Christ The Saviour but I liked it and got some decent photos, I could also get a pretty good view of the city.

Useful Information

      • Currency

£1 = 60.47 Russian Rubles

      • Visa Information

£115 and make sure to have your application form sent off 10 working days in advance just to make sure, you will hear everywhere that you need to register your visa when you arrive in Russia but I never did and had no issues at all. You will need invitation forms too but the company I used did that all for me and was included in the £115 charge. I would recommend using Travel Direct as I had no issues apart from trying to pay online I could only use PayPal or cheque etc. And not my card but that was not much of an issue.

      • Language

Russian is obviously spoken throughout the country, If I was visiting Russia again I would like to learn a bit more Russian as I struggled quite a bit when it came to trying to communicate with the locals, not a lot of people speak English at all but as with St Petersburg its usually the younger people that do.

      • Cash Machine’s

I did not use a cash machine in Moscow as I had money left from St Petersburg but there was cash machines dotted around Moscow and pretty much all the Train stations have cash machines.

      • Currency Exchange

As with St Petersburg there are plenty of currency exchange places around the main shopping streets however I would do this at the airport again as rates are not much worse than the high street.

      • Getting to/from the airport

I arrived at Domodedovo Airport and getting to Moscow was easier than St Petersburg I thought, you will likely need to take 2 trains to get to your hostel. In the airport follow the signs for the aeroexpress train, when you exit the airport turn right and you will see the train station straight away. You have 2 options, get the tourist train that’s 3 time’s more expensive and goes the same place just quicker and more frequent or get the public train that goes the exact same place but takes 20 minutes longer, it all depends on how quickly you need to get to Moscow. To get the aeroexpress (tourist train) go straight to the red ticket machines. To get the commuter train walk past the red ticket machine’s then turn back on yourself around the pillar and you will find blue and green ticket machines. Once you have bought your ticket just head through the gate and wait for the train. Make sure you keep your train ticket as you will need to scan it at the station at the end. You then pick the train needed for you to get to your hostel (hostel will usually detail which one to take). I flew out of Vnukovo Airport and this was really easy. I walked to kiyevskiy vokzal train station and took the aeroexpress to the airport as I was running late,

      • Free Wifi

Moscow seemed to have more WIFI hotspots than St Petersburg yet I still struggled to connect in a few cases so I would advise doing everything at your hostel first before depending on any free hotspots.

      • Jabs/Vaccinations

No jabs needed for UK Citizens

Likely Purchase’s

  • Train Ticket – 40 Rubles
  • 500ml bottle of pop – 40-55 Rubles
  • Beer – 100 Rubles
  • Crisps – 20-30 Rubles

Total Money Spent

  • Train Ticket – 115 Rubles – £1.91
  • Train Ticket – 40 Rubles – £0.66
  • Accommodation – Bear Hostels – 1650 Rubles – £27.43
  • Food – McDonald’s – 157 Rubles – £2.62
  • Moscow Zoo – 300 Rubles – £4.98
  • Food – McDonald’s – 231 Rubles – £3.84
  • Train Ticket – 340 Rubles – £5.65
  • Food – Vending machine – 400 Rubles – £6.65
  • Total Spent – 3233 Rubles – £53.76


Safety Rating – 7/10 – Moscow for some reason didn’t quite feel as safe as St Petersburg, but I still felt absolutely fine and again was out on my own late at night.
Type of trip – Architecture, Major City,
Price Bracket – Midrange
Recommended Length of Stay – 2 Days

Hitchhiking Rating – N/A – no experience here as transport is very cheap, but I imagine it would be difficult

Couchsurfing Rating – N/A – no experience here but seeing as my St Petersburg trip was so good I would think Moscow would be similar

Overall Rating – 5/10 – Moscow just didn’t have enough things to do or see for me compared to St Petersburg, If I hadn’t of recently visited St Petersburg then maybe I wouldn’t be so harsh but when you visit Russia you are most likely gonna visit both cities so comparisons are going to be made. If you do only visit one city tho I wouldn’t opt for the capital


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